Fitz Jackson Returned as PNP Chairman

Member of Parliament for South St Catherine, Fitz Jackson and MP for Northern Clarendon, Horace Dalley have been re-elected as Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the PNP.

The two were re-elected at the party’s National Executive Council, NEC, meeting yesterday.

The meeting was held at Marcus Garvey High School in St Ann’s Bay.

According to a statement from the PNP, over three hundred party members confirmed their confidence in the chairman and deputy chairman and returned both unopposed for another political year.

The NEC also elected 11 members to the Party’s Executive Committee from a nominated list of sixteen contenders.

The eleven members elected are:

Members of Parliament Mark Golding, Natalie Neita, Lisa Hanna and Anthony Hylton.

Caretakers Shane Alexis, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, Andre Hylton, and Val Wint.

And Councilors Eugene Kelly, Mario Mitchell, and Noel Sloley.

Yesterday’s NEC meeting brings to an end the Party’s 80th annual conference schedule of activities and renewal exercises for this year.


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