FLA Cracking Down on Irregular Ammo Sales

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has been cracking down on the irregular and unregulated sale of ammunition in the country with particular focus being placed on the central parish of Manchester.

Speaking at a media conference held at the Terra Nova Hotel today, Chief Executive Officer of the FLA, Shane Dalling, says the licensing authority has revoked the firearm licenses of seven gun permit holders from the parish, earlier this week.

He also revealed that the FLA revoked the dealer license of the firearm dealership in Manchester, the license for the only range in the parish, as well as, the license for the ammunition dealership, also in the parish.

Mr. Dalling says the FLA had long been tracking the quantity of ammunition changing hands in Manchester. But, he says the FLA decided to act when a group of individuals in Manchester ordered more than 108,000 rounds of ammunition for personal use.

Mr. Dalling says the individuals argued that the ammunition was to be used in preparation for an overseas competition. But, he says the people had neither the money nor visa to prove their claim.

Mr. Dalling says the FLA’s investigation revealed that coercion and fraud were at play.

The FLA boss also says the authority ascertained that people from all over the country were traveling to Manchester to purchase firearms and ammunition.

Mr. Dalling says the FLA’s investigations into the buying and selling of ammunition in Manchester are ongoing.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dalling says FLA investigations discovered that a man who was convicted on drug charges acted as a facilitator to corruption at the FLA.

Mr. Dalling says the investigations revealed that from 2012, a person who was on the FLA’s board and the ex-convict worked together to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars to facilitate getting firearms licenses fraudulently.

Mr. Dalling says the alleged facilitator and other convicted criminals were issued with firearm licenses.

Mr. Dalling says the FLA has since implemented a number of accountability measures that will prevent people from corruptly obtaining gun licenses. He says the FLA is also working more closely with the country’s anti-corruption agencies.


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