Foreign Minister Rejects Call to Withdraw from Narco Treaties in Favour of Ganja Trade

Foreign Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, is rejecting as misguided and unfeasible a call by Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Mark Golding, for Jamaica to withdraw from a number of international narcotics treaties to better position itself to profit from the legal ganja trade.

Mr. Golding made the call during a town hall meeting at Jamaica College in St Andrew last week. He argued that Jamaica should seriously consider withdrawing from certain international treaties so that it may explore legalizing ganja. Mr. Golding noted that Canada this year legalized recreational use of the plant.
He said Jamaica should take its cue from the North American country.

Minister Johnson Smith responded at a media conference at her Ministry’s New Kingston office today.

Minister Johnson Smith says the fact that Canada has legalized the use of recreational ganja has not changed Jamaica’s international realities which are very different.

The Foreign Minister says Mr. Golding’s comparison of circumstances faced by Jamaica and Canada in the global space is misguided.


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