Former ACP Les Green Rubbishes JCF Administrative Review of 2010 Incursion

Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Les Green, is rubbishing sections of the JCF’s controversial administrative review of the 2010 West Kingston Operation.

The former ACP, who was then head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, CIB, is called out in the review for what the committee says is the CIB’s lack of participation in investigating the use of force. But Mr. Green says the statements are false and misleading. He’s calling on Police Commissioner, George Quallo, to address them.

The JCF’s internal review, released on Tuesday, clears every member of the Constabulary of misconduct and dereliction of duty…. except Les Green.

The former CIB chief is singled out for not giving evidence to the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry about the recovery and identification of bodies, as well as evidence gathering in regard to allegations of extra-judicial killings.

The report says it’s incomprehensible that Green didn’t provide this testimony.

It goes further to say that the systems in place to investigate deadly use of force were not followed, due the absence of CIB’s participation.

It says the Bureau of Special Operations had to rise to the occasion, even though they were only later assigned this task.

The report also questions why the Commission of Enquiry never questioned Green about his role as Silver Commander of the West Kingston Operation.

But in a letter today to Police Commissioner George Quallo, Green says the statements in the JCF internal review are false and misleading. He says the comments are totally unfounded and unjustified. He says it was never the CIB’s job to investigate the JCF or JDF’s use of force. He says that was always the BSI’s responsibility.

However, Green says he cannot account for the oversight in the Operations Plan for failing to mention the BSI’s role.

As a result, he says he sees no reason why the Commission of Enquiry should’ve asked him to give evidence on the recovery of bodies, or investigations into extra judicial killings.

The retired ACP is asking the Police Commissioner to promptly address the statements in the document that’s been circulated publicly and reported in the media.

He says any delays to address it will continue to cause distress, alarm and harm to the reputations of nearly 15-hundred members of the JCF, who were members of the CIB in May 2010.

Green adds that the JCF internal review document has tarnished all members of the CIB at the time, with an injustice that must be immediately addressed.