Former PetroJam Director Encourages Investigation

Former Petrojam board director, Harold Malcolm, says he encourages any investigation into the state-owned oil refinery.

Mr. Malcolm says he believes it will show the board on which he served attempted to work with the highest degree of professionalism, and in the best interest of the Jamaican people. He was among the three Jamaican board members who handed in their resignations on Monday. He sent a lengthy letter to Nationwide News today, outlining his position.

In the two page letter, Mr. Malcolm explains that his resignation from the controversy-hit state-owned oil refinery was not because of any wrongdoing.

He says he resigned because he believes it was the right thing to do in the interest of good governance and collective responsibility.

The former director says he loves Jamaica with his whole heart and would never consider the thought of enriching himself at the expense of taxpayers.

There’ve been several allegations in the public domain regarding the hiring of staff, breaches of procedures in the travel arrangements of the former board Chairman, and excessive spending.

Mr. Malcolm says legitimate questions have been raised, but for now, he will not make specific responses to allegations in the public space.

He says there are legitimate answers which can and should be given, and portfolio Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley will be addressing the allegations.

Meanwhile, Malcolm says the members of the Petrojam board made significant attempts to meet before it expired in April this year.

Fellow board member, Richard Creary, revealed in his resignation letter on Monday, that the board hadn’t met in nine months.

A document obtained by Nationwide News shows that the last time the board met was last September.

In his letter today, Malcolm says this was not for want of trying.

He says he won’t comment too much on the challenges faced by their partners in Venezuela, which may restrict their opportunities to attend meetings.

However, he says the Board had in fact made significant attempts to meet since 2016 during its first term.

He further explained that they’d try to meet ‘by teleconference and by Round Robin resolutions in order to ensure that the refinery did not grind to a halt.’

Mr. Malcolm is the only board member who’s made efforts to speak publicly following the resignations.


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