Former PM Expresses Concern over Aspects of NIDS Bill

Former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding is reiterating the need for the criminalisation of persons who breach government contract procedures.

His comment follows news of the controversial tender to procure 200 pre-owned vehicles for the police force.

Mr. Golding was responding to questions raised by students at a University College of the Caribbean forum last evening.

And the former Prime Minister is also expressing concerns with two aspects of the National Identification System, NIDS, bill.

These aspects of the bill have also been questioned by members of the public and the Opposition.

While Mr. Golding noting that he supports the NIDS bill, he’s concerned about how secure citizen’s information will be.

The former leader of the JLP is also concerned about the level of access to the information.

Mr. Golding was speaking at a forum at the University College of the Caribbean in Kingston.


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