Support for Political Directorate Having a Say in Selection of Police Commissioner

There’s growing support for a suggestion made by National Security Minister, Robert Montague for the political directorate to be involved in the selection of the Commissioner of Police.

Minister Montague made the suggestion while speaking on Nationwide Radio on Tuesday.

Currently, the Police Commissioner is selected by the Police Service Commission, without the interference of the political directorate.

The Police Service Commission is responsible for reviewing applications and interviewing.

But a former Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, says the political directorate should have a say in who heads the Police Force.

Mr. Ellington says the Police Service Commission was created at a time when the Police Force was reforming and trying to separate its conduct from the wishes of elected politicians.

But he says the politics has evolved.

Former National Security Minister, K.D. Knight, also believes the political directorate, particularly the National Security Minister, should have a say in the selection of a Police Commissioner.

Mr. Knight, who’s an Opposition Senator, says in the past he advocated for the political directorate to not have any influence over the operations and appointments within the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

However, he says his view has changed over time.

K.D. Knight says the Parliamentary Opposition should also have a say in who’s appointed Commissioner of Police. He says the National Security Minister should have the final word.