Former SLB Director Points to Misleading Comments from Bartlett


A former board member of the Students Loan Bureau, SLB, has described as misleading statements made by former Chairman, Dr. St. Aubyn Bartlett, regarding the renewal of the contract of Executive Director, Monica Brown.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, the board member disputes claims that all members were consulted on the renewal of the contract. The board member also criticized the leadership style of Dr. Bartlett as overly dictatorial.

Speaking on Cliff Hughes Online with Mark Wignall last Friday former Chairman of the SLB, Dr. St. Aubyn Bartlett says, no member of the board objected to the renewal of the contract of the Executive Director.

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However, a former board member familiar with the issue is disputing that statement. The former member said the board requested the details of Ms. Brown’s previous contract which were not provided.

According to the board member it seemed that Ms. Brown was being offered an entirely new contract with no basis or reference to the one previously in place. They say several members were uncomfortable with this decision.

The former board member accuses Dr. Bartlett of unilaterally approving the contract with only partial approval. The former member says this was in clear breach of the public sector corporate governance guidelines.

The former board member says Dr. Bartlett was tyrannical and arrogant in his leadership style.

However, the board member says Dr. Bartlett’s behaviour betrayed a level of inexperience rather than any overt act of corruption.

Meanwhile, the former board member says the SLB suffers from chronic mismanagement issues.

The board member cited breaches identified by a recent Auditor General’s report into the organization as proof of their claim.


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