Four Killed in Weekend Shootings in St James

The St. James Police are confirming that four people were killed in the parish over the weekend.

However, none of the killings took place in the Mount Salem Zone of Special Operations.

On Saturday, 31-year-old Romeo Campbell was killed while he stood in front of a shop in John’s Hall, St. James.

He was reportedly attacked by gunmen and shot several times.

In another incident, Owayne Hilton was shot dead on the Montego Hills main Road in the parish.

Mr. Hilton died when men travelling in a motorcar opened fire on him.

In the third incident – Rudyard Bingham, a 61-year-old vendor was robbed, then shot and killed in Adelphi.

Police reports are that Mr. Bingham had arrived home with his spouse when masked men held them up and stole half-a-million dollars.

The robbers fatally shot Mr. Bingham. Then escaped.

Reports also emerging are that a gun attack in the community of Cambridge on Sunday resulted in a man being fatally shot and another injured.

Details of that incident are not immediately clear.

When contacted today, Commanding Officer for St. James, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, confirmed four people were killed in the parish on the weekend.

Before this weekend, there were reportedly no murders in St. James since the security forces descended on the Mount Salem zone of special operation on Friday, September 1.

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