Furore Over Trelawny Bridge Closure


Stakeholders in Trelawny are demanding solutions and a meeting with the National Works Agency, following the closure of the Martha Brae bridge in February.

Business owners insist the authorities closed the bridge at midnight without communicating the closure of the critical thoroughfare to them.

And Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager says he’s unable to say when the bridge will be reopened.

The stakeholders were speaking last Friday on Nationwide @5 with Tyrone Reid and Franklyn McKnight.

Tauna Thomas reports.

Trelawny Businessman, Dowen Virgo, says the Martha Brae Bridge is the only link between the community of Rock and the parish capital of Falmouth.

Yet three months since the closure by the National Works Agency, NWA, he says there’s still no word as to when it will be reopened.

Popular businesses in the vicinity include the Knutsford Express terminal and the famous Glistening Waters.

He says hundreds of residents from the community of Rock have resorted to using the north coast highway to access major towns.

Mr Virgo’s suggesting the NWA implements some temporary measures.

He says all the businesses along that stretch are locally owned and are on the brink of closure.

Meanwhile, Mayor of Falmouth, Collin Gager says he’s unable to provide timelines for work on the bridge.

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