Ganja Producers Seek 1-yr Amnesty from Govt

The Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica is calling on the Government to grant a 1-year amnesty to small ganja farmers to commence at the start of next year.

In a statement yesterday, the Association says the Amnesty would allow the farmers to reach the required standards and be compliant with regulations.

It says these farmers should be given provisional licenses with cultivation limited to a set number of plants.

The Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica says this would allow the Cannabis Licensing Authority, CLA, and the security forces to have a database of those individuals willing to transition to the regulated cannabis industry.

It says the current framework is leaving behind traditional and small ganja farmers; many of which are Rastafarians.

The Association also says it will shortly request discussions with the CLA to propose that a socio-economic survey is conducted on all applications.

It says this exercise will ascertain the facts on ownership and participation in the regulated cannabis industry.

In the meantime, the Association says it will meet this week to finalize comprehensive proposals for submission to the Government and CLA.

This will include Jamaican citizens being made aware of the channels for them to have access to legal cannabis, as well as, the start of an export regime which it wishes to see commence by the beginning of next year.