Garrick Blames Hanna for Moneague Loss

The PNP candidate for the Moneague Division, Lloyd Garrick, says the Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann, Lisa Hanna played a role in his defeat at the polls on Monday.

Mr. Garrick received fewer votes than the JLP’s Delroy Kelly who won the division and the Independent candidate Vernon Williams.

Mr. Garrick is among several comrades who believes Mr. Williams was encouraged to run as an independent candidate by the MP.

He believes this move lead to his failure to retain the strong PNP division.

In an interview on Nationwide Radio on Wednesday, Miss. Hanna said she had warned the PNP for two years that several divisions in the Parish were in danger of falling to the JLP.

She said these warnings were ignored by the party’s leadership and secretariat.

But Mr. Garrick, who was among three councillors in South East St Ann who were at loggerheads with the MP, says Ms. Hanna didn’t use her influence adequately to help secure the division.

In the meantime, South East St. Ann Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Lisa Hanna is maintaining that she had nothing to do with the nomination of the Independent candidates for divisions in her constituency.

However, she admitted that she played no part in the party’s campaign for the Moneague and Claremont divisions.


One thought on “Garrick Blames Hanna for Moneague Loss

  1. AllforJa

    Your constant opposition to the sitting MP is your downfall. It is clear that the majority of the people want her so they voted her back in. It is clear that the majority of the people don’t want you and your shenanigans as they voted for the independent candidate instead of you hence allowing the JLP to win. Here again, the constituents chose Lisa and her so called allies over you. Quit crying. You made your bed, you sleep in it. You clearly could not convince enough people to vote for you while Mr. Williams did and almost won. Go figure it out. It is about the people, not about you. If they wanted you it would not matter what Lisa said to them. You just could not make a case for yourself based on your past behaviors. If you did not fight Lisa so hard you would have been a counselor today.

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