Gas Prices Down $1.78


Gas prices are down $1.78 at the pumps today.

Petrojam says this reflects a decrease in US Gulf Coast gasoline prices, as more refineries have restarted operations following the passage of Hurricane Harvey.

Gas prices had moved up by $3.41 a litre last week, following Harvey’s impact on Texas.

Effective today, both 87 and 90 gasoline are down $1.78 a litre.

However, diesel prices are up. Regular diesel is up $0.92, while Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel is up $1.87.

Propane is also up $0.62, while butane is down $1.37 and kerosene is down $0.14 a litre.

Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, says he doesn’t understand why diesel prices have increased this week.

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He’s also calling on the government to suspend the pricing mechanism that ties Jamaica’s gas prices to US Gulf Coast prices.

According to Mr. Paulwell, Jamaica doesn’t import fuel from the US Gulf Coast, although the country uses those prices as a reference.

He says because Jamaica’s suppliers weren’t affected by Hurricane Harvey, the government should temporarily suspend that mechanism until things return to normal.

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Mr. Paulwell Paulwell says he took a similar intervention once before when he was Minister.