Gay Squatters Return to Camp

A group of gay men who turned an open lot beside the Canadian Embassy on West Kings House in Road in St. Andrew, into a makeshift camp, have returned to the location, despite being evicted by the Police only days earlier.

The men have used new tarpaulins to erect small tents on the property, with pieces of cardboard for flooring.

Last week the Police swooped down on the property, removing several pieces of cardboard and confiscating several tarpaulins used by the squatters.

The Police were called in after residents complained of the unsightly nature of the squatter home, on a property without running water or toilet facilities.

Reports are that up to 15 men have called the location home over the past several weeks.

The men shot videos of the Police raid, which they later posted to several social media sites.

In the video, the men can be heard verbally abusing the Police personnel and at times goading them into a physical altercation.

The Police who ignored the taunts, set about ripping up the makeshift camp.

One of the squatters threatened to react with violence, if the Police damaged any of his clothing.

A gay squatter, speaking as police dismantled the makeshift he and others had established beside the Canadian Embassy on West Kings House in Road in St. Andrew.


Tarpaulin squatters 2

Tarpualin squatter 3