GG Outlines Raft of Constitutional Amendments

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen has outlined several constitutional amendments which the Holness Administration intends to pursue during the new Parliamentary year.

Chief among them are constitutional changes which seek to replace the Queen with a non-executive President as the country’s Head of State.

In keeping with its election promises, the Holness Administration also intends to table legislation concerning fixed election dates and the imposition of term limits for the Prime Minister.

The Governor General disclosed that during the new parliamentary year the government plans to table legislation which aims to make Jamaica a republic thereby removing the Queen as the Head of State.

Sir Patrick spoke for approximately forty minutes this morning as he delivered the Throne Speech to mark the state opening of Parliament.

Sir Patrick also disclosed that the Holness-administration plans to make amendments to empower the Director of Public Prosecutions DPP to seek Judicial Review of Court rulings.

The Government General also confirmed that the new JLP-administration plans to make good on its commitment to put in place a fixed election date and impose term limits for Prime Ministers of Jamaica.

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  1. Mambolo

    Yeah, its about time this traitor the GG becomes unemployed. Will the queen of england pay his pension or will the people of jamaica who he did not represent pay it. He should be run out of town right now, he’s a disgrace believing that to represent the enemy is a good thing. He nothing but a piece of garbage.

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