GLC Finds Corporate Area Attorney Guilty of Professional Misconduct


Corporate Area Attorney, Jerome Dixon, has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

He was found guilty earlier this month by the disciplinary panel of the General Legal Council, GLC.

This following a complaint about his conduct which was made by another lawyer, Damian Barrett. Mr. Barrett accused Dixon of breaching a canon of the legal profession which says an attorney shall at all times maintain the honour and dignity of the profession.

The canon also says an attorney shall refrain from behavior which may discredit the legal profession.

Barrett accused Dixon of failing to honour an undertaking which he had given to pay an outstanding $2.5-million which had arisen from a property sale which Dixon had purported to conduct on behalf of a senior citizen.

The GLC panel said it found Mr. Barrett to be a candid witness. The panel found that Dixon breached the commitment he had made and has brought the legal profession into disrepute.

The GLC panel was headed by Daniella Gentles Silvera. The panel noted that Dixon did not file an affidavit in his defence. Dixon is to be sanctioned by the GLC in the coming weeks.

Earlier this year, the 39 year old Dixon was arrested and charged by investigators at the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations Branch, CTOC, for breaches of the Forgery Act. He’s accused of forging the signature of a Supreme Court Judge.

That criminal case is still before the Court. Dixon has denied the allegation.

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