Goffe Urges JCF to Immediately Respond to INDECOM Concerns

Human rights advocate, Susan Goffe, says the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) should respond immediately to concerns it’s allowing officers implicated in criminal offenses to remain on front line duty.

The concerns have been raised by the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).

In a statement to the media yesterday, it’s criticized the JCF for allowing some of its members to continue operational duties despite facing charges related to serious crimes including murder.

INDECOM says it’s repeatedly reminded the JCF this is “inappropriate”.

Though the police oversight body issued a statement to the media outlining its concern yesterday, the Police High Command is yet to respond.

INDECOM has revealed its concerns following a shooting incident yesterday involving a police officer who’s been implicated in two separate fatal shooting incidents this year.

The latest incident happened yesterday on Riverside Drive, in Kingston.

A man was killed in that incident.

INDECOM says the two incidents have occurred after a warrant was prepared for the policeman to be arrested in relation to another shooting incident in May last year.

Ms. Goffe is questioning whether the JCF investigated and cleared the officer and others.

She says it raises concerns about the JCF’s ability to evaluate itself.

She agrees with INDECOM that such conduct of the JCF could erode public trust.

Meanwhile, there’s no response this afternoon from the Police High Command following the concerns raised by INDECOM.

When our news centre contacted Commissioner of Police, George Quallo, this morning he said he’d not be commenting on the matter.

We also called Head of the Administrative Branch of the JCF, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Novelette Grant. But she advised that the matter was one for the Operational Branch.

Several calls to the Head of Operations at the JCF, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Clifford Blake, have gone unanswered.