Golding Dismisses Campbell’s Criticism of PJ’s Endorsement


PNP Aspirant for South St. Andrew, Senator Mark Golding says his opponent in the contest for the seat, Colin Campbell, is guilty of over reacting to an endorsement of him, Golding, by former Prime Minister PJ Patterson.

Mr. Campbell reacted to Mr. Patterson’s endorsement of Golding by lodging a complaint with PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke.

Campbell accused Patterson of unwarranted interference and an inappropriate attempt to meddle in the democratic process. But Senator Golding says Mr. Campbell was out of line in his criticism of Mr. Patterson.

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Senator Mark Golding, Former Justice Minister and PNP Aspirant for South St. Andrew speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, the PNP says all is in place for tomorrows’ selection exercise in the in the Constituency.

The race for the South St. Andrew began in May of this year when Golding and Campbell both signaled their interest in replacing the ailing MP for the Area Dr. Omar Davies following an announcement by Davies that he’d not seek re-election

When contacted today Mr. Campbell said he’s ready for tomorrow’s vote and had no concerns.

Seventy-eight delegates will decide Dr. Davies replacement tomorrow at the PNP’s South St. Andrew Constituency’s office on Avon Park Road.

Registration is to begin at 1:00 in the afternoon.
Voting is expected to commence at 4:00 pm.

PNP Deputy General Secretary, Luther Buchanan is scheduled to preside over the voting process.