Golding Floats Idea of ‘Council of Former PMs’


Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding is advancing the idea of what would effectively be a council of former Prime Ministers of Jamaica that would lend support to the government.

Mr. Golding, a former Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, Leader, says the body could be effective in creating a culture of integrity and good governance. He was speaking at the Jamaica Stock Exchange, JSE’s, 14th Annual Investment and Capital Markets Conference in New Kingston yesterday.

Recently, former PNP President and former Prime Minister PJ Patterson suggested a need for unity in tackling serious issues such as crime and violence in Jamaica.

Days later, another former Prime Minister and former JLP Leader, Bruce Golding, is advancing the need for a body consisting all of Jamaica’s Prime Ministers to help promote integrity, values and attitudes.

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The former Prime Minister notes that Jamaica’s grappling with serious issues concerning integrity and good governance.

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Mr Golding says while transforming governance is expensive it has to be a priority.

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