Golding Slams Tufton as ‘Uninformed, Disappointing and Alarming’


Former Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding is describing Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton’s move to stand by a suggestion that there’s been an over 50-percent increase in ganja use by children since the plant was decriminalized in 2015, as ‘Uninformed, Disappointing and Alarming’.

That suggestion was made by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Winston De La Haye, who cited a recent study carried out by the National Council on Drug Abuse, NCDA.

The NCDA and ganja lobbyist, Delano Seiveright, have since rejected Dr. De La Hay’s interpretation of its study.

Dr. Tufton is facing sharp criticism from the Opposition Spokesman on Justice for his move to support the position of the country’s Chief Medical Officer.

Senator Golding says the Minister’s assessment is disappointing and fundamentally flawed.

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Senator Golding accused Dr. Tufton of being alarmist when he suggested there’s been a significant increase in adolescents using ganja since the plant was decriminalized in 2015.

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Golding is cautioning against a misinterpretation of the data.

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4 thoughts on “Golding Slams Tufton as ‘Uninformed, Disappointing and Alarming’

  1. prizm

    I am not a fan of ganja smoking but i don’t think that there has been an over 50% increase in ganja use by children since the plant was decriminalized in 2015. Sounds a bit exaggerated.

  2. Carlton Stewart

    There are many opportunities for tremendous growth not only in ganja but in our Biodiversity generally, being we are the fifth most biodiversed nation on earth , we are allowing to go by because we lack wisdom and understanding. Ganja could provide an industry that many other industries could piggyback on, possibly our entire growth and the development of our people. It is incomprehensible that the same authority that allows flouridation of our water, the destructive vaccines, the phychotropic SSRI DRUGS, the refusal to label GMOs and the inability to provide a biosafety policy should now want to prevent the well needed development. Try mapping and implementing an education program but the authorities of both Governments have no moral basis on which to stand.

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