Golding to Make WKgnCOE Return?

The Commissioner of the West Kingston Enquiry, Sir David Simmons, says former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, may be required to return to the witness stand.

This so he can be asked about a revelation made today that he had visited Tivoli Gardens just before the May 2010 operation by the security forces, to arrest Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

Mr. Golding had testified previously that he had been absent from the community for sometime, before the security forces operation on May 24.

But today, a witness, Marjorie Hinds, testified that Mr. Golding was in the community, shortly before the operation.

The attorney representing the Police at the proceedings, Valerie Neita Robertson, says she had been reliably informed that Mr. Golding’s earlier testimony about his visit to Tivoli, may not have been accurate.

Sir David says in light of the new information, the former Prime Minister, may have more questions to answer at the enquiry.