Govt Developing Policy Guidelines for Medical Marijuana Prescriptions


The Ministry of Health is developing policy guidelines for the training of medical personnel to prescribe ganja for medical or therapeutic purposes.

In a statement yesterday, the Health Ministry says it’s seeking to clarify an apparent misunderstanding within the public domain on the matter.

It says the law provides for the possession of ganja for medical or therapeutic purposes as prescribed or recommended in writing by a registered medical practitioner or other health practitioner approved by the Minister of Health.

The Ministry says there’s no requirement under the law for medical practitioners to undertake any training to prescribe ganja for medical or therapeutic purposes.

It says a medical practitioner is only required to be registered with the Medical Council in accordance with the provisions of the Medical Act.

The Ministry says other health practitioners must be approved by the Minister of Health to prescribe ganja.

The Ministry says discussions in the public domain recently have given a contrary impression.

It says the Ministry is of the view that training for people prescribing ganja for medical and therapeutic purposes is desirable.

It says such training is recommended in light of the fact that it’s a new area of practice for medical and health professionals.

The Ministry says this will also ensure that the prescribing of medical marijuana is done in keeping with relevant medical and public health standards.

The Ministry says the issue of training should be guided by the Medical Council of Jamaica through its Continuing Medical Education.