Govt Exceeding Fiscal Targets

Co-Chairman of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee, EPOC, Richard Byles, says the government continues to meet, and in most cases, exceed its key fiscal targets.

Mr. Byles says EPOC met on Friday and discussed the key economic indicators for July 2016.

He noted that the primary balance of $36.4-billion recorded, exceeds the target of $14.2-billion.

Byles told the media briefing that tax revenues in July stood at $142.6-billion.

This is above the budgeted target of $135.3-billion.

The EPOC Co-Chairman says the trend augurs well for Jamaica meeting its primary balance targets in September and March 2017.

He also told the media briefing that the country’s Balance of Payments have recorded a surplus of US 116-point-3 million dollars for the January to March 2016 quarter.

This is an improvement of US135-million relative to the corresponding period in 2015.

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