Govt Exploring Class Action Suit for Bad Gas

Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell, says the Government is exploring the possibility of compensating motorists who’ve been affected by contaminated gas.

Minister Paulwell made the disclosure during an oil and gas exploration tour of the vessel BGP Challenger at the Kingston Harbour this morning.

The Energy Minister is being quoted by the Gleaner newspaper as saying the Government will be looking at the possibility of a Government-sponsored class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers.

Paulwell says the Government wants to show that it’s fully in support of our consumers

Minister Paulwell says Cabinet on Monday gave permission for the possibility of a class action law suit to be explored after the three-member committee that he will be chairing prepares its report.

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One thought on “Govt Exploring Class Action Suit for Bad Gas

  1. chikV2Ebola

    People need to be conpensated now ..not 10 -20 years from now slowly dragging through our Courts !

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