Gov’t Focuses On Improving Telecom Network Across Ja, Before Introducing Competition


Energy Minister, Fayval Williams says the government is now primarily focused on improving the telecommunications network across the country before it introduces more competition in the market.

The Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell on Tuesday urged Minister Williams to recognize that one of the best ways of improving service in the telecoms industry was to pave the way for more competition.

This follows a statement by the Minister where she said both major telecommunications providers, Digicel and Flow needed to improve their service delivery. 

The Energy Minister says it’s important to ensure that customers across Jamaica are accessing quality telecommunications infrastructure.

Fayval Williams, Energy Minister.

She was speaking on Cliff Hughes online yesterday during an outside broadcast at the Launch of the Fourth Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas Ministerial Meeting at Courtyard by Marriot Hotel in New Kingston.

One thought on “Gov’t Focuses On Improving Telecom Network Across Ja, Before Introducing Competition

  1. Duke

    Miss Minister do your job it wont get better because you don’t care about the people’s interest, far too long we have been suffering from inefficiency from both “MAJOR” telephone provider where they pay scant regards to the public that uses their services, they treat the general public with a don’t care attitude because they have you the “POLITICIANS” in their pockets, its time for change, if they know they have Competition they will change their attitude and the one that offer the best service will survive.
    We as visitors that comes to Jamaica are forced to “ROAM” because of the poor service and at times going to Negril on the high way the service is so poor, Wake up Miss Minister and do your job for the poor suffering people of Jamaica that are being “NICKLE and DIME” which counts by these Companies.


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