Govt Holding Police Hostage with Amendments to Constabulary Force Act – Brown

Opposition Spokesman on Public Sector and Public Modernisation, Senator Lambert Brown, says recent amendments to the Constabulary Force Act amount to police officers being held ‘hostage’ by the government.

The controversial changes will see an increase in the fine for members of the JCF, up to the rank of Sergeant, who fail to give the prescribed 6 month notice period for resignation from $2 to $250,000.

Officers could also be imprisoned if they fail to give the required notice.

Speaking today with Nationwide News Mr. Brown says the amendments go against established labour practices.

He says the changes to the Constabulary Force Act should be rolled back. Mr. Brown says the six months notice period should be reduced to three.

The amendments to the Constabulary Force Act were made when the Zones of Special Operations Act which became law in July.

The Jamaica Police Federation has retained legal counsel to challenge the amendments.

Meanwhile, Senator Brown says the changes could increase the rate of attrition in the Constabulary Force. He says rank and file members are demoralized. He’s calling for them to be treated better.