Govt Moving to Limit Fallout from US Sanctions against UC Rusal


The Ministry of Mining says proactive steps have been taken to limit the potential fallout that US sanctions against bauxite giant UC Rusal could have against the local mining sector.

The Russian based UC Rusal owns and operates Windalco, located in Manchester.

UC Rusal is among 12 Russian companies sanctioned by the United States earlier this month.

In a statement yesterday the Ministry says it has taken note of the sanctions imposed by the US government.

The Ministry says steps will be taken to ensure the welfare of the approximately 1thousand 2 hundred workers at WINDALCO.

It says a series of consultations have been taken to include UC Rusal, the Attorney General, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Embassy and the Ministry of Labour.

The Ministry says it will also be in consultation with the workers or their representatives.

The Ministry says it will do all it can to protect the jobs of the workers and milk and beef supplies from farming operations at WINDALCO.