Govt & Opposition at Odds over Zika Management


Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says the number of zika suspected cases in pregnant women has risen to eighty-eight.

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Minister Tufton says the women will be monitored.

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Dr. Tufton says twenty-four confirmed cases of zika have been recorded in Jamaica as at June 25.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Tufton says there are forty-two new notifications for Guillain Barre Syndrome,GBS, eight of which fit the case for the condition.

Of the cases, three have tested negative for zika and the results of the other five are pending.

AND … Opposition Spokesman on Health, Horace Dalley, says he’s not satisfied with the Government’s management of the Zika virus.

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Mr. Dalley says he’s doubtful whether the Government has accurate data about the impact that the zika virus has had on pregnant women.

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Mr. Dalley is also calling on the Ministry to give more resources to the virology lab.

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Horace Dalley, Opposition Spokesman on Health, making his contribution to the sectoral debate in the House of Representatives this afternoon.


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  1. JAY

    Daley needs to just relax and let the government do their job, this opposition party just opposing in every area for no justified Reason apart from just being political . Crazy set.. They best get settled . They will have at least two terms in the current seat they occupy.

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