Govt & Opposition Senators Spar Over Trafigura

A government Senator, Charles Sinclair, today urged his opposition colleagues to encourage the PNP officials involved in the Trafigura affair to stop trying to hide from testifying in public.

He did so as members of the Senate this morning championed the provisions of the Integrity Commission Act.

Senator Sinclair noted that for the past 10-years, Dutch Prosecutors have been unsuccessful in their attempts to get answers from Portia Simpson Miller, Robert Pickersgill, Phillip Paulwell, Colin Campbell and Norton Hinds.

But this was before he was cautioned to refrain from addressing a matter currently before the court.

[Charles Sinclair, government Senator and before him Senate President, Tom Tavares Finson and Opposition Senator KD Knight.]

Senator Knight is also one of the attorneys for the PNP officials involved in the Trafigura matter.

But Senator Sinclair pressed on.

He says the spirit of transparency, which is recommended in the Integrity Commission Bill, should persuade the PNP officials to set an example and testify in open court.

The Senate President reminded the Government Senator of the standing orders which dictate that a case for which a judicial decision is pending should not be discussed in the parliament.

On June 24, the Court of Appeal dismissed the application from the attorneys representing the five PNP officials which paved the way for them to answer questions in open court about a 31 million dollar donation from Trafigura Beheer to the party.

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