Govt Promises to Deliver Chesterfield Bridge Before Hurricane Season


The National Works Agency (NWA) says the promised bridge for residents of Chesterfield, St. Mary is slated to be in place by the start of the next hurricane season.

A news report aired on Television Jamaica Monday evening raised questions about why the bridge has not been put in place despite a commitment by Prime Minister Andrew Holness prior to the recent South East St. Mary by-election.

In a statement today, the NWA said the bridge is one of seven currently being prepared in China for delivery to the NWA by the end of March.

NWA CEO, Everton Hunter says the bridge is being sourced under the Major Infrastructure Development Programme. He says USD$2-million is being spent to procure the seven bridges and associated parts.

The NWA boss says tenders will be invited this weekend for the civil works and that the process should be completed within a month. Mr. Hunter says it’s expected that when the process is completed, work to construct the bridge abutments and a centre pier will get underway.

The two-span Compact 200 bridge will be 1-hundred-and-80 feet long and will be built mainly for the purposes of pedestrians. However, it will be able to accommodate small cars.

Prime Minister Holness last year made a promise to the residents that a structure would be erected in the area in order to ensure the community is accessible during times of inclement weather.

For years residents, have at times, had to brave flood waters whenever the Wag Water River overflows its banks, in order to access their homes.

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