Govt Senator says Private Sector Groups Backing Special Zones Bill

Prominent businessman and Government Senator, Don Wehby, says the country’s leading private sector groups are in full support for the Holness-administration’s Zones of Special Operations bill.

The anti-crime bill is expected to be approved in the Senate today with both Government and Opposition members having expressed support.

Wehby told the Senate today that he’s spoken to the country’s leading private sector leaders about the anti-crime bill.

Senator Wehby is the CEO of the Grace Kennedy Group.

During an impassioned address, he said the time has come for Jamaica to make tough choices in the fight against crime.

For his part, Opposition Senator, K.D. Knight, said too many Jamaican politicians are not helping the fight against crime because they’re associating with gunmen.

Mr. Knight supports the bill. But has a word of caution.

Senator Knight said he does not like a clause in the bill which says the Prime Minister, acting in consultation with the National Security Council, may suspend an operation or change the joint command of a zone where he deems necessary.

During his contribution, Government Senator, Queen’s Counsel Ransford Braham chided his Opposition colleague Lambert Brown for suggesting that the bill may hurt poor people.


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  1. JAY

    Lambert Brown needs to go under a rock and hide.. Every darn this these PNP associate Poor people with.. they not tired of playing that card. Geesh.

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