Govt Stepping Up Security at Ft Augusta


The National Security Ministry is ramping up security at the South Camp Road Correctional Facility being used to house inmates previously held at the Fort Augusta Female Correctional Centre in St Catherine.

This, following a recent incident in which an inmate was stabbed by another at the facility.

Following the incident several of the inmates, in a Facebook Live broadcast from their cells, complained that they were unsafe, not being fed properly and were being denied medical care.

In a statement, the National Security Ministry says it’s also implementing measures to prevent the use of electronic devices by inmates.

For the second time in less than two weeks, female inmates at the South Camp Road Correctional Facility, took to Facebook live to air their grouses about conditions in the facility.

Wrapped in bed sheets to conceal their identities, the inmates complained about being unfairly treated by the prison administrators and staff.

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Their concerns follow the stabbing of an inmate last week. She was hospitalized after being stabbed seven times including in the side and spine.

Chief Investigator at the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, Warren Williams, says his team is probing that incident.

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He says additional security measures have been implemented to safeguard the inmates. He says six high-risk inmates have been relocated to the Horizon Adult Remand Centre. He also says three inmates have been diagnosed as mentally ill and were placed in singular cells.

But Mr Spencer is dismissing claims that the inmates are being denied food and other resources. He says all electrical outlets will be removed from the cell blocks to prevent the charging of cell phones and subsequently the use of such devices. He says additional staff will also be deployed to reinforce the inmate to officer ratio in correctional facilities.


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