Govt to Review Legislation to Ensure Fines are Adequate

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says there’ll be a review of all legislations to ensure the fines they stipulate are updated.

He’s made the declaration as persons continue to react to alleged gangster, Tesha Miller, on Tuesday, being fined 100 dollars for making a false declaration to Jamaican immigration officials.

There’ve been expressions of shock and surprise among parliamentarians and ordinary people.

The Attorney General, Marlene Malahoo Forte, says the fine makes a mockery of the justice system.

The parish judge who handed it down, Sancia Burrell, described it as ‘embarrassing’. Speaking last evening on Nationwide @5, Minister Chuck agreed. But he says his Ministry takes ‘some responsibility’.

Miller was charged under the 1945 Immigration Restriction Commonwealth Citizens Act, which carries a maximum fine of 100 dollars.

Meanwhile, the Justice Minister says, over the past year, the fines set down by several pieces of legislation have been increased.