Gruesome Details Emerge in St Thomas Sextuple Murder

A shovel, a machete, several knives and a pitchfork are among the sharp implements, accused murderer Michael McLean allegedly used to kill 6 people in St.Thomas in 2006.

The long-awaited murder trial of the deportee businessman commonly called Mikey got underway yesterday in the Home Circuit Court in downtown, Kingston.

McLean is accused of brutally slaying two women and their four children in the parish almost 12-years ago. The mothers, Patrice McCool and McLean’s girlfriend Terryann Mohammed, were killed. McLean has been in custody since 2006. The Crown’s witnesses have so far revealed a twisted tale through their evidence.

The narrative involves talks of McLean’s visits to more than one obeah man, the use of several sharp objects to murder his victims and the disposal of their bodies all over St. Thomas and even St. Mary.

The chilling series of events span over 48-hours. It all started on Friday February 24. The first female witness in her Evidence in Chief said McLean confided in her that he was suffering ailments which included a shrinkage of his private part.

The woman, who once dated the accused, said they visited who she described as a spiritual man about 5:30 in the afternoon on Friday. She testified that the spiritual man said ‘mi si some sharp knife.’

A worried McLean was given a brown liquid to drink and told to return the next day. On the morning of Saturday, February 25, the female witness says McLean visited her at a salon. She said the accused was sweating profusely and reportedly told her he wanted to see her as soon as she was available.

However, the female witness says efforts to reach him later that evening failed. The Crown is leading evidence that about 4:00 Saturday afternoon, the accused went to his home for several tools.

The second witness in her Evidence in Chief says she was the caregiver of McLean’s child residing with him. She says McLean came home that afternoon in a hurry for a number of tools. These included a shovel from the storeroom, a board knife, a chopper, and a machete.

The Crown led that between 4:00 Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning, McLean killed the six victims. It says McLean was seen that afternoon with the four children in his car.

However, when he returned to his business place that night about 10:00, he only returned with Jessie, his girlfriend Teryann’s daughter. McLean was also the last person Terryann and Jessie were seen with at about 11:15 that night. Early Sunday morning at about 4:30 McLean fled to St. Mary to be with his fiancee and his other child. He reportedly took them to a local hotel.

When he arrived at the hotel, the Crown led evidence that dirt particles were seen on him and bush hitched on his vehicle. At about 7:30 that morning, the gruesome discoveries began.

Patrice McCool’s body was found in the Prospect area with her throat slashed, a chop wound to the back of her neck and several other cut wounds to her back. She was found in heavy bushes near Prospect beach. Her sons Sean Chin and Lloyd McCool were found on Prospect beach with their throats slashed and chop wounds to the back of their necks.

Sean was 6 years old and Lloyd 3 when they were murdered. McLean’s girlfriend Terryann was found in another district, Needham, also in the parish, with severe burns to most of her body and a chop to the back of her neck. Her daughter, 9-year-old Jessie O’Gilvie, was found in thickets at the Prospect beach with her throat slashed and a chop wound to the neck.

Days later, after McLean’s arrest, he paused his caution statement and led the police to the final victim, 6-year-old Jhiad McCool in St. Mary. Jhiad was found off the main road in the parish in bushes buried in a shallow grave.

Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewelyn, is the lead prosecutor on the case. The trial continues today.


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  1. Nathan777

    What a sick wicked man, what in Gods name led him to do such a thing?. I hope he gets the full force of the law, he may be able to hide from man. But he cannot hide from God Almighty, Rest in Peace to all the victims. Condolences to the family and friends.

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