Guidance Counselors’ Frustration


A high school guidance counselor is speaking out this afternoon against bureaucracy which she says makes responding to cases of child abuse difficult.

And, in some cases ‘frustrating’.

Andrea Wright has been a guidance counselor for six years in the Jamaican school system.

She says she’s frustrated by the bureaucratic system among state agencies which have responsibility for the care and protection of children.

Andrea Wright is more popularly known by her stage name ‘Delcita’.

But the well-known actress also works in schools as a guidance counsellor.

Today, she appeared on Cliff Hughes Online, and lamented how ‘frustrating’ it is for guidance counselors to deal with the numerous cases of child abuse they’re seeing.

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She told other stories, detailing how children, both boys and girls, are often the victims of serial cases of molestation.

In these broken homes, she says the abusers are often uncles, brothers, and stepfathers.

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She says in many such cases, mothers who’re economically dependent feel powerless and so the abuse would only continue.

Her testimony comes as news headlines are being dominated with allegations of sexual abuse of children by a number of Church leaders.

Ms. Wright is also critical of the bureaucracy among state agencies like the Office of the Children’s Registry, OCR, the Child Development Agency, CDA and CISOCA, the arm of the Police Force which investigates allegations of sexual abuse.

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She feels the hands of guidance counselors are ‘tied’.

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Ms. Wright says being a guidance counsellor in the Jamaican school system is stressful to the point of making some of her colleagues go crazy.

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