GUILTY! Jury Returns Unanimous Verdict in Michael McLean Murder Trial

Guilty on all six counts of murder.

That’s the verdict handed down by the seven-member jury in the murder trial of 51-year-old Michael Alexander McLean. The month-long trial concluded this afternoon with the unanimous verdict of guilty on all six counts of murder.

McLean, the man who says he’s an internationally certified chef was found guilty for the killing of his girlfriend, Terryann Mohammed, her daughter 6-year-old Jihad McCool, Patrice McCool, 3-year-old Lloyd McCool, and two 9-year-olds Sean Chin and Jessie O’Gilvie.

All the victims were killed in February 2006.

Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewellyn who led the case is describing this as one of the top 10 most callous cases she has prosecuted.

The jurors were sent off to deliberate at 11:45 this morning. This after a trial that spanned a month.

The high profile McLean murder trial began on January 29. Several persons including other attorneys and court staff waited patiently this afternoon for the verdict.

At about 3:47 this afternoon, the jurors re-entered the Chief Justice’s Courtroom. Tensions were high. An emotionless McLean sat in the dock awaiting his fate. On all six counts, the foreman indicated the jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty.

As the guilty verdicts were handed down, persons sighed in relief. The 51-year-old McLean sat in the dock, arms folded with a look of defeat in his eyes which were red.

Following the proceedings, DPP Llewellyn told reporters, she has been prosecuting for more than 30 years but this matter was in the top 10 most callous.

She says this case caused her team sleepless nights.

Meanwhile, Ms. Llewellyn is commending the team of investigators for the work they did in the case.

McLean will be sentenced on April 12. The sentencing date has been decided for that day as it will take a month to conduct a pyschiatric test on McLean.

Presiding Judge, Justice Bertram Morrison has also asked McLean’s legal advisor, Carlton Collman to prepare character witnesses. Five of the victims were found in St. Thomas with their throats slashed.

The body of McLean’s girlfriend, Terryann Mohammed, was also burnt. The final victim, Jihad was found in St.Mary in a shallow grave.


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