Gunmen and Cops Trade Bullets in Old Harbour


A Policeman came to the defence of citizens in Old Harbour, St. Catherine when a gunman reportedly opened fire in the East Street bus park on Saturday.

The policeman shot and killed the gunman, but not before the gunman shot three people, killing one.

Police reports are that about 5:15 Saturday afternoon, a man entered the bus park, approached a group and opened fire.

According to police reports, the gunshots caught the attention of a policeman who was in the town. He went to investigate but was reportedly challenged by the gunman, who opened fire at him.

The policeman shot and killed the gunman during the exchange. The gunman remains unidentified.

Meanwhile, one of the three persons allegedly shot by the gunman died. He is 26-year-old Kevin Williams, a conductor of Williams Place in Old Harbour in the parish. The two other men remain in hospital.

They are reportedly in stable condition. Investigations continue.