Guyanese Firefighters to Face Court Today Following Looting of Downed Aircraft

Twelve firefighters in Guyana are expected to face the court today following claims of looting.

Initially, 14 firefighters including supervisors at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport were detained after they reportedly stole several items from a Fly Jamaica plane which crash-landed at the airport Friday.

It’s understood two of the firefighters have been released. It’s also understood that while some firefighters were close to the scene not all of them were engaged in the looting. Adam Harris is the Editor in Chief at Kaiteur News in Guyana.

He says the firefighters have not yet been charged but are likely to be charged by today. Mr Harris says the 12 firefighters will most likely be charged with larceny by a public officer. But he says there’s growing concern about the conduct of the country’s first responders. He says the Fire Chief has announced plans to change the recruiting process for the firefighters.

It’s the second time that Guyana’s firefighters have been implicated in such matters in the last two years.


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