Hayles Heads to Court Today to Block OCG Report in Parliament

Attorneys representing West Hanover Member of Parliament, Ian Hayles, are to return to court today in a bid to prevent a report from the Office of the Contractor General to be tabled in Parliament.

The OCG submitted the report to Parliament on February 13 but it’s yet to be tabled.

The report follows an OCG investigation into allegations of conflict of interest, irregularity and impropriety in relation to the construction of buildings by the MP without approval from the Hanover Parish Council.

Mr. Hayles’ attorneys argue that his constitutional rights will be abridged by the publication of the report.

In a Sunday Gleaner publication, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, says the move by Hayles raises serious constitutional questions.

He says the court proceedings should be watched carefully.

The former Prime Minister says the report was submitted to Parliament in accordance with the Contractor General Act.

Mr. Golding says the report is now the property of Parliament.

He says, as a result, the speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate, who’re required to table the report in their respective chambers, are to be added to the legal proceedings.

Mr. Golding says while he doesn’t intend to comment on any of the matters contained in the report, he’s concerned by the attempt to have the court interfere in the proceedings of Parliament.