Head Of Higglers Association Wants Authorities to Increase Inspection of Old Corporate Area Buildings


President of the Jamaica Vendors, Higglers and Markets Association, Dunston Whittingham, is calling on the authorities to increase inspection of aging buildings in the Corporate Area.

His call follows a fire on Tuesday that destroyed a section of the Redemption Arcade in downtown, Kingston.

After an assessment of the facilities yesterday, Mr. Whittingham, says its possible the fire was caused by old service wires and installations in the building.

Dunston Whittingham, President of the Jamaica Vendors, Higglers and Markets Association.

He was speaking yesterday with Nationwide News.

Mr. Wittingham says the vendors who were affected by the fire lost all their goods.

Meanwhile, up to yesterday afternoon, firefighters were still at the Redemption Arcade carrying out cooling down operations.

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