Health Minister Points to Public Support for Tax on Sugary Drinks

Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says there seems to be significant public support for a tax on sugary beverages.

Dr. Tufton says a recent survey conducted by the Heart Foundation, shows 9 in 10 Jamaicans support government intervention in Jamaica’s obesity crisis.

The survey was done to assess the efficacy of the Jamaica Moves and “Are you drinking yourself sick” campaigns.

The campaign was launched by the Health Ministry in collaboration with the Heart Foundation more than a year and a half ago, to promote health awareness.

Dr. Tufton says based on the results of the survey the campaign is working.

The Minister says the mission of public health campaigns is to bring about positive change. He says the show of strong public support will help in the success of this mission.

Dr. Christopher Tufton was speaking earlier today at a media briefing to launch the results of a survey assessing the impact of the health ministry’s public health campaigns.


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