Health Ministry Failing ‘Badly’ to Address Basic Health Sector Problems – Dawes

President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, Alfred Dawes, says the Health Ministry is failing badly in its attempts to address the basic problems that have served to diminish the quality of service delivery in the sector.

Dr. Dawes made the comment at a press briefing last week.

Dr. Dawes says the bread and butter issues that define any efficient health care service, have been ignored by the local health authorities.

Dr. Dawes says the Ministry has to address these issues, even as it prepares to accommodate a new batch of 2-hundred-and-50 new doctors into the sector.

According to the JMDA President, the Health Ministry appears to be shielding its eyes from the reality that the health sector is in shambles.

Dr. Dawes says there’s a chronic shortage of even basic protective clothing for doctors who have to perform surgeries.

Dr. Dawes says surgeries are being performed in unsanitary operating theatres.

According to Dr. Dawes, the Health Ministry is guilty of failing to adequately manage the limited resources at its disposal.