High Command Promises Security Overhaul After Marine Police Boat Theft

A comprehensive security plan has been developed to protect Marine assets across the island.

That’s the assurance from Assistant Commissioner of Police Assan Thompson.

This as he disclosed that members of the Marine Police have retrieved the Boston Whaler Boat, which was stolen in Negril, Westmoreland earlier this year.

The Honduran Military assisted with the boat’s return to the Marine Police on Sunday.

A statement from the JCF’s Corporate Communication Unit says eleven members of the Marine Police travelled at sea to the Rosalinda Bank, which is an area between Jamaica and Honduras, to retrieve the vessel from the Honduran military.

The boat was then towed through high waves and rough sea conditions back to Jamaican shores.

The boat, which is badly scrapped, will undergo major repairs and returned to the JCF fleet of vessels.

The Boston Whaler vessel was among 10 others handed over to the Jamaica Constabulary Force by the Embassy of the United States of America.

Head of the Border Security Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police Assan Thompson believes that the incident was a wake up call for more attention to be placed on border security.

The boat was discovered missing from Negril, Westmoreland on Thursday, February 11 resulting in a top-level probe being launched.