High Level JLP Meeting to Decide Holness’ Fate

A high level meeting of opposition MPs is to get underway in just under two hours to discuss a suggestion by one of their senior colleagues about Andrew Holness’ future role as Opposition Leader.

Delroy Chuck has suggested that Mr. Holness should resign.

This, after the declaration by the Constitutional Court that the Opposition Leader acted unlawfully when he used undated, pre-signed letters to remove Dr. Christopher Tufton and Arthur Williams from the Senate.

JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang, confirms a meeting will take this evening at 7 o’clock.

Dr. Chang says Mr. Chuck’s call will come up for discussion at today’s meeting.

Mr. Chuck’s call for Andrew Holness’ resignation, has intensified the controversy rocking the labour party.

There are 21 Opposition MPs in the House of Representatives.

Our sources say at least five of those who supported Audley Shaw’s bid for the leadership of the party in November 2013, are reportedly in support of the call for Holness to go.

Those sources say 12 MPs are firmly in support of Mr. Holness continuing as Opposition leader.

The remaining two MPs have yet to indicate where their loyalties lie.

Dr. Chang says this evening, it will be up to the parliamentarians to decide if a vote will be had regarding Delroy Chuck’s call Mr. Holness’ resignation.

He says the prevailing sentiment in the party is that Andrew Holness is the undisputed leader.

Meantime .. Dr. Chang says Mr. Holness is set to hold talks with Dr. Tufton and Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams’ attorney, Wentworth Charles, has been quoted as in the print media as saying his client will turn up for the Senate on Friday.

Dr. Chang says that may not be wise.