Holness Admin Not Likely to Impose New Taxes Any Time Soon

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has told a group of potential investors that his administration is unlikely to impose new taxes for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Holness says the Government intends to maintain that strategy of no new taxes for as long as possible.

Mr. Holness made the comment this morning while he addressed an investors’ forum in Canada put on by the Jamaica Promotions Corporation, JAMPRO.

Prime Minister Holness told the potential investors that there’s increasing certainty in the fiscal climate in Jamaica. He says the administration’s no new taxes initiative is set to continue.

Mr. Holness says the current state of Jamaica’s finances has put the administration in a position where it does not have to add to the tax burden faced by people doing business in Jamaica.

And Mr. Holness also told the group of investors in Canada that he’s pleased Jamaica’s debt to GDP ratio will show major gains at the end of this fiscal year.


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