Holness Administration Begins Process of Revoking Caricel License


Nationwide News understands that National Security Minister, Robert Montague, has advised Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, to begin the process of revoking the license issued to Caricel.

The decision follows a high level meeting involving Jamaican government officials and representatives of the US Government.

The advice from the Security Ministry came shortly after damaging information about an associate of Caricel was passed on to the Holness-administration by the US.

The battle over the spectrum license awarded to Caricel has reached a tipping point.

The United States has provided what’s being called hard evidence to the Holness-administration which would disqualify Caricel from utilizing such a telecoms license.

Two senior US law enforcement sources told our news center today that US Ambassador to Kingston, Luis Moreno, met recently with Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Moreno reportedly told the Prime Minister that the US is concerned about the national security implications for the US and Jamaica should the license not be revoked.

The US representatives say their law enforcement is concerned about a number of associates of Caricel and how the company is being funded.

One particular associate of the company is said to be under a major US federal investigation in relation to drug smuggling.

The US representatives told our news center today that the associate of Caricel “is a known trafficker and is also being investigated in connection with the lotto scam.”

They say it would be dangerous to citizens of Jamaica and the US if such an individual is allowed direct access to a telecoms company.

The US law enforcement officials say they have telephonic evidence linking the individual to the infamous Jamaican Shower Posse.

They say the associate of Caricel also has links to former Tivoli Gardens don and ex-Shower posse boss, Christopher Dudus Coke.

The high ranking representatives of the US say steps are being taken to prepare extradition proceedings against the associate of Caricel .

They say should the individual visit the US, it’s highly likely he’d be immediately taken into Police custody to face a federal indictment.

According to the US representatives, their concerns have been communicated in writing and verbally to Prime Minister Holness during the past six weeks.

It’s on this basis that the Holness administration and Security Minister Montague have written Dr. Wheatley in the past few days saying steps should be taken to rescind Caricel’s license in the interest of national security.

The Holness Cabinet has reportedly considered the matter during its final meeting of 2016 and decided that Caricel’s license should be revoked.

But Caricel has indicated that they are willing to fight.

They’ve applied for an injunction in court to prevent the completion of the process of their license being cancelled.

The US representatives say some of their concerns were also communicated to Jamaican law enforcement and the Simpson Miller-Cabinet prior to then Telecoms Minister Phillip Paulwell granting a carrier license to Caricel in 2015.

However, Caricel reportedly fought back and got clearance from a senior Jamaican Policeman regarding one of their associates who is the subject of an investigation by US.

That Policeman’s visa has reportedly been cancelled by the US and the United Kingdom .

When contacted this afternoon, Dr. Wheatley declined to comment on the basis that the dispute between the administration and Caricel that it’s currently before the Court.

Efforts to contact Minister Montague up to news time were not successful.

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  1. Vinn

    It’s evident that PM Holness have misled the parliament and people if Jamaica.

    The approval of the telecoms license was given prior to the due diligence being conducted. What could have caused this undue haste to ink the agreement inspite the OCG’s caution against granting the license?

    Something stinks.

  2. Nathan777

    This is very much unfortunate, I was looking forward to the competition from Caricel. Looks like we will have to wait quite sometime, before we can see a third competitive player in the Jamaican market.

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