Holness Administration Deems JCF Administrative Review UNACCEPTABLE

“We cannot accept it!”

That’s the response this afternoon from the Holness administration to the JCF’s controversial administrative review report into the 2010 West Kingston operation.

The response has come from the Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dr. Horace Chang.

It’s the first utterance from a member of the administration on the matter since the spotlight has been placed on the controversial report which has drawn the ire of the public defender who’s called for it to be withdrawn.

Members of civil society have also expressed concerns with the findings of the report which has exonerated five members accused of misconduct and dereliction of duty by the Sir David Simmons led West Kingston Commission of Enquiry.

Dr. Chang says the government is not satisfied with the report, and cannot accept it as is.

Dr. Chang says Cabinet will likely ask for the report to be withdrawn.

However, he says the country will hear more from the Minister of National Security, Robert Montague, who’s been given specific instructions.

The Minister says while he understands the challenges facing the police, the government cannot allow the Constabulary to operate like a gang.

Dr. Horace Chang was speaking with Kalilah Reynolds and Dennis Brooks on Nationwide This Morning.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo has said he’s standing by the review report and will not withdraw it.


  • dukeofearle

    There we go again politician making such a demand without consultations, its all about winning the next elections and protecting their base while the country suffers. Our Police Force needs serious help before it’s too late. Can you imagine a Minister using the word “GANG” in such a situation what next.

  • David Green

    The police are in dyer need of our support, all this public wrangling against them may only serve to further erode their morale, we should seek to temper our words even as we exercise our right to disagree.