Holness Administration Moving Toward Fixed Electoral Reform

The government says it’s started taking steps to change the law to have fixed dates for General Elections and prescribed periods for by-elections.

Speaking yesterday at his second quarterly media briefing at Jamaica House, Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, legislation is being drafted to facilitate the changes.

Mr. Holness says if the process is completed before the end of the year, he’ll quickly table the bill.

On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission of Jamaica said it’s well advanced in proposing amendments to the Representation of the People’s Act for the holding of by-elections within a prescribed time.

Its statement came days after Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, said a government led by his party would change the law to ensure by-elections are held in a prescribed period.

Addressing the PNP’s 79th Annual Conference at the National Arena in Kingston on Sunday, he said this would prevent the declaration of such dates being used as a political tool.