Holness Announces a Raft of Housing & Infrastructure Projects at JLP Conference


Housing, education, road works and wages were among the key points struck by Prime Minister and JLP leader Andrew Holness, as he addressed the JLP’s 75th annual conference yesterday.

Mr. Holness spoke before a massive crowd at the National Arena. His remarks come as the Holness administration is now at the mid-term point of their government, with another two-and-a-half years before the next election is constitutionally due.

The Prime Minister says the Government will be rolling out a half-a-billion dollar programme across Jamaica to give the poor the ability to own a house.

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He notes gains made in the fight against crime, and that quarterly growth of over 2-percent has recently returned to the economy.

The Prime Minister and JLP Leader also noted that his administration has created 80,000 jobs since returning to office. He commented that more people are employed in Jamaica than at any time in its history. But Mr. Holness told labourites there’s a lot of work left to be done.

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In the meantime, Mr. Holness says he’s directed Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke to move to conclude wage talks with the Police.

The Prime Minister said he’s concerned about the stalemate between the Government and the Police over wages.

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He also declared that the Government is committed to reforming the Police force.

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And, Mr. Holness announced plans to carry out several other major road and infrastructure projects including an upgrade to Halfway Tree Road and Hope Road.

He thanked Jamaicans for their patience with traffic challenges being faced in the execution of several current projects.

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