Holness Apologizes to Rastafari for Coral Gardens Massacre


Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, today apologized to the Rastafarian community and all people negatively affected by the Coral Gardens massacre in 1963.

Mr. Holness told the House of Representatives it’s important that the state acknowledges when a wrong has been done.

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Mr. Holness noted that the violence at Coral Gardens led to the death of civilians and police, significant personal injuries and destruction of property.

He says the Rastafarian community has harboured feelings of bitterness and resentment over the years.

Many were trimmed and forcibly evicted from their homes.

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Mr. Holness says a trust fund of $10-million will be set up for survivors of the massacre.

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He says six lots at Pinnacle in St. Catherine will also be declared as a protected heritage site to be developed as a Rastafarian Village and cultural centre.